Your Trusted Radon Specialist

It has often been said that “what you don’t know can’t hurt you.” While this may be true when it comes to malicious gossip or paying attention to unrelated news, it is certainly not true for radon levels in your home. If you haven’t had local radon testing done on your home, then you could be playing a dangerous game.

Scientists estimate that lung cancer death could be reduced by 2 to 4 percent, or about 5,000 deaths, by lowering radon levels in homes exceeding the EPA’s action level. This is just one of many reasons why you need to urgently consider local radon testing in your home today, sooner rather than later. We sincerely hope that you’ll pay attention to the reasons listed below and schedule an appointment with a certified radon testing company as soon as possible.

It Will Immediately Lower the Value of Your Home

Regardless of whether or not you’re aware of the radon levels in your home, at some point someone will be. When they find out, it’s best not to have this information come to light when you’re trying to part with your home or borrow against it. Homes with excessive levels of radon are considered hazardous in many jurisdictions, and until proper radon mitigation is performed and levels are reduced, your home’s value will be lower. If this makes you angry, just ask yourself one simple question: would you want to inhabit a home that was proven to be a dangerous environment? We didn’t think so, and so it’s better to direct that energy toward local radon testing and treatment than anything else.

Radon Testing Is Not Expensive, but the Effects Are

Like anything else in life, some homeowners will put off doing the proper radon gas testing because they think that it will be prohibitively expensive or time-consuming. Nothing could be further from the truth, and perhaps it’s ironic that the most expensive thing you could do is not fixing the problem at all. Having to deal with health problems, a reduced valuation of your most prized asset, and the responsibility of putting your loved ones in danger is far more expensive than even the most luxurious radon testing contractors. When it’s explained to people in this simple way, the majority of homeowners opt for testing immediately.

You Can’t Do It On Your Own

This is a message to all you DIYers and handymen out there: radon testing and mitigation is not something that you should attempt yourself. While it may seem like no big deal and easy enough, this is a project that is best left in the hand of experienced contractors who know what they’re doing and can mitigate against extenuating circumstances. Unless you are licensed and certified to do local radon testing, this is one of those jobs that is best left to the professionals 100% of the time.

It’s Guaranteed to Work

When you get with a quality radon testing company that is certified and licensed, you’re not just getting amazing work. You’re buying a guarantee that for many years will make sure that you don’t have to worry about radon or the effects it will have on your property. For example, if you decide to use Affordable Radon Services for your local radon testing, you will be buying the guarantee that “we mitigate your home for radon and guarantee the radon levels stay at 3.9 pci/l or lower for 30 years no matter who owns the home during the warranty period.” No matter who owns the home, it’s guaranteed to have appropriate levels of radon and no hassles. Where can you beat that type of service?

Make the Smart Choice

If you decide to invest in local radon testing for your home, know that you’ve made the smart choice for you and your family. By knowing more about the radon levels around your home and how they might be affecting you, you’ll be making sure that what you know cannot hurt you. There is no such thing as “ignorance is bliss” when it comes to radon, and you’re much better off knowing about the problem and how to fix it. That’s a smart choice no matter what!