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Keep your family safe from hidden dangers with the help of our radon testing services. Affordable Radon Services provides professional radon testing to detect unsafe levels within homes. Unfortunately, many counties are testing high for radon gas. This toxic gas is difficult to spot without the right methods; it’s odorless and invisible but is dangerous, nonetheless. Luckily, homeowners can take steps toward improving their home’s defense against radon.

Take action by testing your home as soon as possible if you have never tested before. Affordable Radon Services LLC makes the process easy and convenient, and we offer competitive rates for our testing services.

Our radon gas testing service offers two types of indoor air testing options that monitor and accurately detect the radon level in your home. We begin with a radon system inspection, and once we determine the severity of radon gas levels, we can walk you through the process of what it will take to properly mitigate your home, reducing the dangers of radon gas. If you’re ready to test for radon at home, call one of our many Colorado locations today for our professional radon testing service.

However, another critical factor in monitoring the presence of this deadly gas in your home is a radon system inspection. Read the information below to learn how you can set up a reliable inspection for your radon mitigation system today.

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If you currently have a radon system in your home, it is important to make sure that the system is working properly. Every homeowner should test their home at least every two years to make sure their Radon levels are below the recommended EPA safety levels.

If you have a current radon system that is old, or if you are not sure if you have an active system versus a passive system, you should have your system inspected. Affordable Radon Services, LLC can help you with your Radon system inspection needs. Don’t take a chance; make sure your current system meets EPA recommended standards and works properly. Whether you need a system installation or inspection, contact us today to find the proper solution for your radon gas testing service.


Get your home pretested for free if you decide to install a radon mitigation system.

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