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Radon poses a danger to those exposed to it for long periods of time. Whether you’ve just discovered Radon in your home or are thinking of buying a new place that may have a Radon issue, our team is here to help! At Affordable Radon Serivces, LLC, we offer quality Radon Abatement/Mitigation services for homeowners.

We mitigate your home for Radon and offer a lifetime warranty guaranteed at 3.9pCi/L or below.

One of our main goals is to assure the system is as aesthetically pleasing as possible. We try to place the majority of our systems in the garage and the attic to keep the system as concealed as possible. Most installations take between 3-5 hours for completion.

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Installation Placement Options

Do you want your Radon mitigation system hidden from your neighbors? About 70% of our system installations have the ability to be completely contained inside the home. The most basic Radon mitigation system is mounted on an exterior side wall or back wall of the home. We NEVER mount our systems in the front!

In most cases we will be able to penetrate the soffit or the roof above the attic using a roof-jack. If you are concerned about leaks there is no need to worry.

We guarantee our work and we are fully insured. Some soffits and roofs cannot be penetrated for various reasons. In this situation, a “snorkel” option is installed.

Do you want your exterior system painted? Body, Trim, Two-tone…it doesn’t matter. You supply the paint on the day of installation and we will paint your system for $75.00.

There are many options available when a system is installed in an unfinished area of a basement. In some cases, systems may require installation along a finished wall, or through carpeted flooring. Don’t let shelving get in the way of your ideal installation placement. We have many options available to bring your ideas and choices to life.

Get your home pretested for free if you decide to install a radon mitigation system.

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Long-term exposure to Radon has been linked to a variety of ailments such as lung cancer. If you are serious about maintaining a healthy indoor environment, you can count on Affordable Radon Services LLC for effective Radon Abatement/Mitigation solutions.

When you come to us, be rest assured that we will take the time necessary to thoroughly resolve your Radon gas issue. We are committed to helping you and your loved ones stay healthy and we strive to provide excellent customer service on every job we undertake.

Don’t put up with the dangers of Radon gas! Call us today to schedule an appointment and to learn more about our Radon Abatement/Mitigation services.

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