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Radon Mitigation Crawl Space Service

If you have a crawl space, you already know how nasty they can be! Did you know they also can be a “Danger” to your health? Although it is possible to mitigate Radon in a house without sealing the crawlspace, in some cases it may be necessary. Affordable Radon Services provides radon mitigation crawl space services to protect you and your family from harm. Learn more about the importance of safeguarding your home from radon gas—starting from the ground up.


Radon gas flows into your home from both the basement and the crawl space. If the radon levels are within reason, it is possible to mitigate without sealing the crawl space when the area is small to medium in size and a few feet above basement level. To help homeowners solve this issue, we provide radon mitigation for crawl spaces.

Homes with higher levels of radon gas that have large size crawl spaces are likely to need a vapor barrier. The final decision is yours, unless your house sits on a crawl space, sub-floor or when the crawl space is at basement level. In these cases, a vapor barrier is required if you plan to mitigate for radon gas.

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Where is my crawl space? What is a Crawl space and its purpose?

Crawl spaces can be found in most houses, but some people don’t even realize they have one. This area of your home typically contains plumbing lines and heating units. Most are less square footage than your home, but in some cases can take up the entire foot print. This is known as a subfloor. Crawl spaces are dirty, dark, and usually poorly insulated, or not insulated at all. Crawl spaces can give off unpleasant and sometimes harmful orders and gases, which highlights the need for radon crawl space services in residential homes.​

Why is maintaining your crawl space important and what can you do?

We recommend that your crawl space be sealed no matter what the radon levels are because it helps with the radon system’s operation. Not only does sealing the crawl space help keep the area aesthetically pleasing, it also increases energy efficiency, helps with moisture control, and creates a protected area for storing valuables. This is why adding a vapor barrier for radon is so important.

If you smell an odd or unpleasant odor coming from your crawl space, you should take action.

  • Sealing plastic through-out the crawl space will typically resolve this issue. If you plan to clean up your crawl space and use it for storage, we recommend using an upgraded plastic.
  • When you contact our professionals, we can also install a moister control fan in homes that are not already equipped with a Radon mitigation system.
  • Remember, Radon gas is tasteless, odorless and the most dangerous. A vapor barrier and a Radon mitigation system are both strongly recommended if you have high Radon gas levels in your home.

All crawl spaces are different. This is why we urge you to contact Affordable Radon Services LLC to learn more about vapor barriers and to discuss your specific needs. We are able to offer very competitive rates at turning that dirty waste of space into an aesthetically pleasing and safe storage area for your valuables. All of our vapor barriers come with a warranty. Ask us for more details!

We offer vapor barrier services in all of our service areas. Contact us today to take advantage of our affordable radon mitigation crawl space services.

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    Just as the exterior walls of the living space in your home need to be insulated, so do the exterior walls of your crawl space.

    Newer homes have insulation along their basement and crawl space exterior walls because builders have learned how important it is for energy efficiency and controlling the interior climate.

    This is true for older homes in which there is NO insulation in the crawl space. This causes major energy efficiency loss, especially houses in which the entire footprint sits on a crawl space/subfloor.

    Whether you are storing belongings or not, you should have adequate lighting in your crawl space. Ask us for more details on how we can help. We offer crawl space insulation services. Contact us today for more details!

    *Call us for all guarantee/warranty details.


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