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A basement flood repair or remediation can cost you nearly $20,000 in damages. Excess water in your basement is dangerous as it may lead to home damage and perish your property, belongings, and appliances. Additionally, it may allow poisonous gases to leak into your home’s indoors.

Radon gas is the number two cause of lung cancer, a close second to smoking. Any house with a sump pump is a potential entry point for radon. The World Health Organization and the United States Protection Agency suggest that if your home has high radon gas levels, then a mitigation system is necessary.

How high should Radon levels be to require radon investigation and abatement? After radon gas testing, levels below 4 picoCuries per liter are low but are still risky. However, it isn’t easy to reduce radon to levels below 2 pCi/L. Levels above 3.9 pCi/L are considered high and should be handled by Radon specialists with experience in local sump pump installation services.

Local Sump Pump Installation Services for Radon Mitigation

What does this poisonous gas have to do with the pump that removes excess water in your basement?

Radon is found in the soil beneath your house. Therefore, it can penetrate your home through the foundation. The gas can also find its way through the sump pit in your basement to your room. After this process, you and your loved ones might be exposed to the gas, and if it is at high levels, risk its radioactive consequences.

How Does a Sump Pump Become a Radon Mitigation System?

Since radon is an inert gas, it can travel anywhere without detection. And one of the ways it does so is by finding its way through a leaky sump pump. A sump pump cover, if well installed, helps in minimizing radon levels.

When you hire professional radon specialists to install radon mitigation systems, they ensure your sump pump has a cover. Even though a sump cover is not the only way to stop radon levels from getting higher, it is a suitable mitigation system.

The most common system involves PVC pipes and fans that remove the gas from the soil under your home to a point above your roofline. This way, radon won’t get into your home. For this system to be successful, every opening on your floor should be sealed by a professional.

A perfectly sealed sump pit is one of the best ways to be sure radon gas does not seep into your household. Always make sure you hire an expert local sump pump installation service to avoid a leaky pit that you will regret.

Contact a Licensed Radon Abatement Company

Without proper sump pump installation, you are putting your family and guests at risk. Even at low levels, long-term radon exposure may have some effects. Affordable Radon Services LLC can help prevent these risks and ensure your safety.

Our accredited and insured specialists have the expertise and equipment to keep high radon levels at bay. For local sump pump installation services, radon abatement, and radon gas testing, you can always feel free to contact Colorado’s trusted radon specialists. We guarantee your radon levels will always be below 3.9pCi/L for 30 years.