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It’s important to know everything about radon gas testing for your home. Many Americans don’t even know what radon is, let alone that it needs to be tested for. Additionally, a radon gas test costs money and can add time to your renovation or home building projects. For that reason, some homeowners may be tempted to cut corners and skip the radon gas testing stage even if it is against local housing laws. This article will explain what radon is and why you need to test for it.

What Is Radon?

Radon is not something that you can see or feel, but it’s present nonetheless. This gas is both colorless and odorless, and occurs naturally in the earth. It can be traced to the breaking down of uranium and radium, which, given the radioactive nature of uranium and radium, should already give you an idea of how potentially hazardous this gas can be.

The main issue with radon gas is that it can potentially cause lung cancer. In fact, both the U.S. EPA and the Surgeon General’s Office have estimated that as many as 20,000 lung cancer deaths every year can be linked to radon gas. While radon gas may not kill someone quickly, it can kill them over time or cause their death in the long term. As such, you need to ensure that every required radon gas test occurs.

How Does Radon Gas Testing Work?

A radon gas test can be linked to radon tests kits. The kit will collect radon gas, or radon particles, and measure the total amount of radon in your home’s air. Testing devices should be placed on the lowest level of your home, as this will give the most accurate results.

There is active and passive radon testing. A passive test will sit in your home for a period of time, usually around 48 hours, and then be sent for analysis. An active test will be a meter that is plugged into an outlet at your home. An active test provides continuous monitoring and must be installed by a professional.

Consider the type of testing you want to be done before you make a final decision. Contact the experts at Affordable Radon Services for more information. We provide direct and professional customer service and help to keep you and your family safe.