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Your sump pump is the piece of equipment that prevents excess water from outside the house from coming into your home and flooding the space. The average cost of a flooded basement is $20,000 and up. This is why it is essential to ensure your sump pump works properly with regular inspections. Inspections review specific areas of your sump pump, as shown below.

The Pit

The pit is the place where the sump pump sits while it collects water until the sump pump disposes of it. Therefore, it is critical that the pit is large enough so the pump can function correctly. It should be 18 inches wide and 24 inches deep.

Check Valve

The check valve that is installed on the discharge pipe must be installed properly. The check valve is what prevents the water from flowing back into the discharge pipe once the sump pump turns off.

Backup Power

Your sump pump works hard during extreme conditions such as heavy rain and storms. Unfortunately, these conditions often cause power outages. When the inspector is checking your sump pump, that person confirms if the backup power is working correctly.

The Alarm

It is not a requirement that a sump pump has an alarm; however, it is helpful to alert the homeowner when water is built up in the pit. If your sump pump has an alarm, it should be checked during a professional inspection.

Sump Pump Cover

A sump pump has a removable cover that prevents the water from the pit from evaporating into the basement. Therefore, it is essential for the cover to fit the sump pump correctly.


The sump pump should discharge water 20 feet away from the house to ensure the water does not back up into the house. It is also essential that the water does not back up into a neighbor’s property. During the inspection, the discharge location will be checked.

It is critical to the operation of your sump pump that it functions properly. An annual inspection ensures all the sump pump parts are in good working order. In addition to inspecting the sump pump, it should be cleaned regularly. An inspection and cleaning can prevent damage to your basement and house as a result of an improperly functioning sump pump. Call us to schedule an inspection today!