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how to prepare for a radon testTesting for radon gas in the home is essential because its odorless, tasteless, and colorless nature makes it difficult to detect until homeowners exhibit signs of health problems. Approximately one out of every 15 American homes have radon levels estimated to be at or even above the EPA action level.

To ensure that your home stays below the EPA action level of radon gas, it’s important for a radon testing contractor to perform a radon mitigation and abatement. However, before this can happen a radon testing company must first perform a radon test.

How to prepare for a radon test
Many homeowners who question their home’s radon levels often ask radon testing services how to prepare for a radon test assuming the process may be complicated. However, preparing the home for radon measurement is actually quite simple.

Begin by keeping the home’s doors and windows closed for up to 12 hours prior to the radon test. Entry and exit of the home are permitted as long as the door doesn’t remain open for long periods of time. Heating and cooling systems are also allowed to run as normal although the temperature should be set between 68 to 74 degrees.

However, while heating and cooling systems may be operated as normal and entry and exiting of the home are permitted, it’s essential that homeowners do not do the following when preparing for a radon test:

  • Have windows open
  • Have ceiling fans operating
  • Have attic fans operating
  • Have humidifiers or dehumidifiers operating
  • Have fireplaces operating (chimney dampers should be closed)

These requirements are made due to the fact that certain actions can increase or lower the concentration of radon gas in the home, giving the residential radon testing service an inaccurate radon measurement of your home.

It’s never a good idea to assume that your home isn’t susceptible to radon gas. Many homes, even those that are newly constructed, can contain elevated levels of radon. High levels of radon gas can cause myriad health problems including lung cancer and stomach cancer.

Because radon gas is present in all American homes, it’s essential to know the concentration of the gas to prevent health problems caused by radon poisoning. For more information on radon testing and how to prepare for a radon test, contact your local radon testing service today.