Your Trusted Radon Specialist

One of the many hazards homeowners must know about is radon. Although radon is invisible, it’s not harmless; this byproduct of uranium degradation is a leading cause of cancer in the United States.

To ensure you can remain safe from exposure at home, we’ll tackle a common question: is radon found more in older or new homes? Use the guide below to learn how age influences radon exposure on your property.

How Radon Infiltrates

Radon is a dangerous, elusive gas that comes from the soil below and around our homes. After uranium in your property’s soil breaks down, it turns into radon.

Although there are many openings this gas can enter your home through, one of the most common areas is the basement. Specifically, cracks in the ground allow radon to seep right through. A frequent myth is that this gas is only a threat in older homes, but, as you’ll learn below, that’s not quite the case.

Does Your Home’s Age Matter?

So, let’s get right to the titular question—is radon found more in older or newer homes? No matter when you build a house, radon exposure is possible. Unfortunately, this deadly gas doesn’t discriminate against old and new properties.

Understanding how new and old homes are at risk is crucial because you can implement preventative measures during construction. To maximize protection against radon, reach out to an expert who can identify your radon exposure and help you find a safe solution.

How To Identify Your Radon Exposure

Now that you know how severe radon exposure is, test your home as soon as possible. Thankfully, trained professionals are available to deliver reliable inspections and, if necessary, mitigation systems. A mitigation system is a method for removing radon from incoming airflow if your home sees excessive readings.

For instance, at Affordable Radon Services, we provide radon mitigation in Lakewood, CO, and other nearby areas to ensure locals have reliable, trained professionals to turn to for help. So, no matter the age of your home, partnering with a radon specialist will ensure you can keep your home safe from this invisible, deadly, naturally occurring threat.