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Radon can be a deadly gas in your home or workplace. As such, many buildings are equipped with detectors to measure radon levels along with carbon monoxide and harmful natural gases that could pose a threat to your family. Short-term detectors can measure radon anywhere from two to 90 days but it’s recommended that your home is tested for radon periodically through a residential radon testing service.

But did you know radon has some useful qualities as well? While you should never use radon in your home, certain chemical industries are able to harness its dangerous power as a source of good. Here are some popular uses for radon across industries.

In the natural environment

In the natural environment, radon levels can be used to track the movement of air masses and detect subtle changes in groundwater concentrations, such as when an earthquake is imminent. Unfortunately, radon fulfills no biological role in the environment, though some scientists think it might be a factor in evolution since its radiation can lead to genetic modifications.

In the medical field

Radon is most commonly used in the medical field where it was traditionally used in X-rays for industrial radiography in the 1940s.

However, radon has a limited use in the medical field these days. Ironically, radon is both a cause and a mitigator of cancers. If radon is uncontrolled in a home environment, it can lead to more cases of cancer for the exposed individuals. As such, radon abatement is important in the home and radon gas testing is essential. Hospitals will control radon in incredibly small doses to treat certain cancers and mitigate some autoimmune diseases through radiation therapy.

Though radon has some small benefits, the presence of this dangerous radioactive gas is never safe to have in the home or workplace. As such, it’s essential that a local residential radon testing service is employed to mitigate your home for radon and create a plan for radon abatement in the future.

Lowering your radon levels is necessary for the health and safety of your family. Call Affordable Radon Colorado today when you need local radon testing today.