Your Trusted Radon Specialist

Due to radon’s lack of color and smell, homeowners must take special precautions to identify its presence. Radon mitigations systems can help homeowners monitor and repel the gas, but malfunctions can still happen. Luckily, we can show you the best ways to identify if your radon system is malfunctioning. Read the tips below to learn how to keep your home safe for everyone inside.

Warning Systems

A professional radon expert should install your mitigation system for many reasons. One of these reasons is that professionals must abide by specific guidelines, including rules from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA.)

For example, the EPA enforces radon experts to install warning devices on mitigation systems, ensuring homeowners can easily know whether their property is safe. One standard warning device is a manometer, which displays a tube of red liquid and has two columns of liquid parallel to another. When the fluid is at distinctly different levels, that might seem like a problem—but it’s not.

However, if you notice the fluid columns look even—which creates a distinct U-shape—the system is malfunctioning and not neutralizing radon. Conduct regular manometer inspections to ensure everything is functioning successfully.

Routine Maintenance

Your radon mitigations system requires routine maintenance. So, one of the easiest ways to identify if your radon system is malfunctioning is if you refuse or neglect to conduct maintenance for years. Luckily, you can avoid such mistakes.

After the installation, ask the contractor for a thorough breakdown of the system’s functions and requirements, including maintenance processes. Different mitigation systems are available, so understanding how your specific unit works will help you keep it functioning for a long time.

Consistent Testing

The first time you test your home for radon shouldn’t be your last time. Ensure your system successfully prevents radon infiltration by hiring a professional to run tests every two years.

Homeowners have two avenues to choose from when it comes to testing: hire a radon expert or buy a home testing kit. The latter might be quicker for some people but hiring a radon expert will yield the most accurate results.

For this reason, beyond providing local radon mitigation in Colorado Springs, CO, we provide radon testing and system inspection services. By turning to professionals for help, you can consistently keep radon out of your home and—most importantly—out of your lungs.