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The crawl space in your home is wonderful for storing old Christmas decorations and your out-of-season clothing. While you don’t spend much time in that tiny hole beneath your floorboards, it might be hiding something more ominous than meets the eye.

Here are three common dangers associated with crawl spaces that you might not have thought of before — and how to fix them.

Molds and fungi

Crawl spaces that suffice a basement in your home are often more humid than the rest of your house, causing the build-up of mold and fungus. These pests can cause a number of health concerns and allergy-related symptoms that decrease your quality of life. If left untreated, they can even spread to the rest of your home, putting your entire family in jeopardy.

Actual pests

While molds and fungi can be thought of as pests, they’re not quite so annoying as actual animals or bugs that have worked their way into your home. Dirty crawl spaces can harbor ants, termites, and even the rare ground-dwelling animal if your home doesn’t have the proper foundation. These pests can be hard to get rid of, but even worse, they can compromise the integrity of your home through structural damage.


Perhaps the worst of all, dirt and gravel crawl spaces are prone to issues with radon. This naturally-occurring gas is odorless and invisible to the naked eye. You might not even know your home needs radon mitigation and abatement until your family starts to suffer the side effects of radon poisoning. In fact, the Surgeon General has said that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the country.

Radon gas is found naturally in soils, soils on which your house rests. All homes require residential radon testing services, but homes with basements and crawl spaces are particularly at risk. Without the proper radon testing and radon abatement service, the radon in your crawl space can easily spread to the rest of your home through the cracks in your floors.

Crawl spaces are efficient forms of storage in many homes, but without the proper radon testing, you may never know how to get rid of radon or even identify it in the first place. For the best radon abatement service Denver has to offer, contact Affordable Radon Colorado today.