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radon testingA poisonous gas could be lurking in your home and you may not even know it.

Radon is a naturally occurring colorless and odorless gas found in many homes in Colorado. It is incredibly dangerous once inhaled as it can damage your DNA, and is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Surgeon General’s Office have estimated that around 20,000 lunch cancer deaths across the country are caused every year by radon gas.

So how do you know if you have radon in your home? Because you can see or smell the gas, it is important that you understand how radon is created and how/where it can enter the home.

Radon forms when the uranium in rocks, water, and soil naturally break down. The gas is then released into the dirt or bedrock under your home, and can enter through:

  • Fireplaces and furnaces. Their pipe openings can access radon without you even knowing it.
  • Cracks in the home’s foundation. It can seep in through even the tiniest of cracks!
  • Gaps in your flooring.
  • Through the dirt floor of a crawlspace.
  • Exterior air vents.
  • Wind blowing outdoors into open windows.
  • Well water. Either drinking the water, or using the well water to shower will release radon into the air.
  • Construction joints in your foundation — there the concrete stops and starts again.
  • Warm air rising indoors, especially if you have a crawlspace or an non-insulated basement.

Since radon is a relatively common occurrence across the nation, and especially in Colorado, it is crucial that any homeowner invests in radon testing and inspection to ensure your home is safe. There are generally two types of radon mitigation and abatement services available to you:

In home testing
This is a kit that can be bought at your local hardware store, and you test the levels in your home for around two days. You then send the test to be analyzed, and you will receive the results in the mail.

Professional residential radon testing
Working with a professional will give you high-quality testing that you just wouldn’t be able to get with an in-home kit. Our professionals will come to your home and accurately detect your radon level, and we will help you choose the best mitigation option for your home. All of this will be completed within a few hours, so there is no need to wait for your results.

Remember, no amount of exposure to radon is safe. Invest in radon testing today.