Your Trusted Radon Specialist

To some, 4pCi/L might seem like a random string of numbers and letters. However, this number is critical for homeowners to know because it’s the EPA’s benchmark for when radon levels become dangerous.

If you’re not very familiar with radon but hear the term sporadically, you might not realize how integral a radon mitigation system is for homes. However, the discussion goes deeper than simply stating the system’s importance. Check out our list below to learn the top reasons a radon mitigation system is necessary for at-risk properties.

Difficult Detection

Knowing whether radon levels are excessive is difficult when you don’t have a mitigation system protecting your home. The reason it’s challenging to detect radon is that this toxic gas is invisible, tasteless, and odorless. Luckily, a professionally-installed and well-maintained mitigation system will reduce radon levels in your home, even when you can’t detect the difference.

Deadly Side Effects

Among the top reasons a radon mitigation system is necessary are the deadly side effects. Radon gas is a substantial cause of lung cancer in the US, so setting up a suitable defense against excessive radon levels at home protects your family from the deadly consequences.

That said, different homes have different radon levels, so how do you know if you’re at risk? Thankfully, installing a mitigation system typically comes after a thorough professional inspection. For instance, when our team provides radon mitigation in Fort Collins, CO, we test for radon levels before discussing how to reduce the gas’s presence.

Widespread Exposure

Radon mitigation systems continue to be a must-have amenity because homes across the country are at risk. Although each house has its own unique radon readings, the potential for excessive exposure remains widespread.

That said, certain states endure more radon than others. For example, Colorado homes are more at risk for high radon readings than some other states due to the uranium residing in the soil throughout the area.

Suffice it to say that whether you’re in Colorado, New York, or somewhere else entirely, you should hire a professional to test your home for radon. Obtaining a radon mitigation system is a simple step that will help you avoid the health risks of breathing in this gas long-term.