Your Trusted Radon Specialist

You may already know that radon is a dangerous gas to have inside your home, but you may not know that it’s impossible to detect through your senses alone. With that said, you must test your home for radon to determine if your levels are high. Whether you test regularly or never have, you should know what factors impact accurate radon test results.


Believe it or not, the outdoor temperature can affect the radon levels inside your home. Radon levels tend to increase during winter due to a lack of ventilation. It’s no secret that people aim to keep warm air in and cold air out. However, this can lead to radon gas building up to dangerous levels inside a house. On the other hand, the radon level may be lower during the warmer months since you can open your doors and windows to let fresh air inside.

High Winds

Interestingly, high winds can impact radon readings, whether increasing or decreasing them. For instance, if the wind is blowing toward the side of your home with the most windows and doors, it creates a positive indoor pressure, which reduces radon levels. On the other hand, when the wind hits your home on the side with the least windows and doors, it creates a negative pressure, which draws radon into your living space.

Ventilation and Air Movement

If you want to get the most accurate radon test results, you must leave all doors and windows closed for the duration of the test. Opening the doors and windows can change the ventilation within your home, directly impacting temporary radon levels. Because fresh air or air movement can sweep radon gas away, the test may show lower levels than the true amount when you have your doors and windows shut.

Test Placement

Because radon usually enters your home through the soil beneath your home, you should put the test device on the lowest livable level. If you have a crawl space, you don’t need to put the test there because you don’t live down there. Furthermore, you shouldn’t move the device once the testing period starts because that may skew the results.

After learning what factors impact accurate radon test results, you should be able to get a proper reading on your home’s radon levels. Whether you do it yourself or hire a company specializing in radon testing services, you should check your levels regularly. Radon exposure is incredibly harmful, and you should place your family’s safety as your highest priority.