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Becoming a homeowner is exciting. But it can also be overwhelming as your responsibilities increase. Upon purchase, you should know whether your home has a basement, crawl space, or concrete slab beneath it. Homes with crawl spaces are relatively common, but owners might not know much about them and what to do with them. With that said, follow along to learn whether you should seal off your crawl space or keep it open.

Reasons To Seal It Off

Many people believe that sealing off the crawl space is the only solution to their issues, but that’s not always the case. You might want to seal it for the following reasons:

  • To stop or prevent moisture damage
  • To stop cold drafts and high energy bills
  • To prevent critters from making their homes there

However, sealing it off can lead to poor ventilation, which may cause mold or radon buildups. That said, vents are the best route for your crawl space.

Closing the Vents in the Winter

During the summer months, your crawl space vents should be open to allow for consistent airflow. On the other hand, you should close your vents during the winter months to prevent moisture buildups and stop warmth from escaping. Some vents require a type of plug or covering to block them, but others close automatically when the temperature is low enough. Once the weather gets warm enough in the spring, be sure to open them back up.

Lack of Ventilation

As previously mentioned, a lack of ventilation is a major issue for your crawl space. Even though closing your vents might seem like the best idea to prevent some problems, the lack of proper ventilation can lead to unnecessary moisture buildups, which can cause mold and decay in your home’s interior. Additionally, a lack of proper ventilation can cause radon to build up and stay within your home. Although you might not think radon in your crawl space is a big deal, it can quickly move into your living space. So consider radon mitigation in your crawl space.

Now that you know whether you should seal off your crawl space or keep it open, you can ensure your home is secure. Whether you have a newer or older home, maintaining your crawl space is an important part of being a homeowner.