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The odorless nature of radon gas and the health effects of excessive exposure both pose serious risks to you and your family. Considering radon is naturally present in the soil, rocks, and water, homebuyers are increasingly interested in knowing the radon mitigation measures in place before buying a home. If you’re interested in knowing how a radon mitigation system may increase your home value, read on!

Proven Effectiveness

The EPA states that radon mitigation systems are 99% effective in getting rid of radon. A home seller who already has a radon mitigation system automatically has an advantage, as such systems are effective and necessary tools for any neighborhood where radon is present.

Assures Buyers of the Home’s Safety

Safety is an important consideration for homebuyers. Given the carcinogenic effects of excessive radon exposure, some homebuyers insist on knowing whether there is radon gas in a home before purchasing. Home sellers who are proactive in installing radon mitigation systems make homebuyers feel safe from the onset.

Saves Homebuyers Time & Money

A radon mitigation system is one less problem for homebuyers. Purchasing a home involves many things, ranging from securing finance to scheduling inspections. If homebuyers need to do a radon inspection before purchasing the home and later install mitigation, these additional costs can lead buyers to look elsewhere. A radon mitigation system can play a role in whether you miss a sale or earn the perfect bid in a competitive market.

Indicates Proper Home Upkeep

Prospective homebuyers look for clues of a properly maintained home and often pay more for a home with great upkeep. Radon mitigation systems are proof that an owner has gone the extra mile to ensure the property is safe, which may result in a higher offer.

Installing a radon mitigation system can increase your home’s value because potential homebuyers tend to pay more for improvements that boost safety, save time & money, and indicate that you maintained your home well.

If you’re a Colorado homeowner prepping your property for sale, our team at Affordable Radon Services offers effective radon mitigation systems in Lakewood, CO. We work with you to protect your home, improve your property, and ensure the safety of your future homebuyers. Contact us today to learn more about installing a radon mitigation system in your home!